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More Than a Smart Band

  • Running Form Instructions
  • 50m Water Resistant
  • 2 Wearing Modes

Innovative Footwear Mode

The HUAWEI Band 3e is a revolutionary breakthrough in sports bracelet wearables that uses a new Footwear Mode: an application that provides precise running data with the press of a button.

HUAWEI Band 3e wear mode

Professional Running Coach

Become a smarter runner with 7-data monitoring and analysing running form. Put forward the intelligent suggestions with precise data to help you develop better posture and make running more efficient. Live a healthier life with HUAWEI Band 3e.

  • HUAWEI Band 3e running monitor landing impactground contact time
  • HUAWEI Band 3e running monitor eversion excursioneversion excursion
  • HUAWEI Band 3e running monitor cadencecadence
  • HUAWEI Band 3e running monitor step lengthstep length
  • HUAWEI Band 3e running monitor swing angleswing angle
  • HUAWEI Band 3e running monitor foot strike patternlanding impact

Foot-Strike Placement Monitoring

Take control of the crucial moment when your feet touch the ground. HUAWEI Band 3e will monitor your foot strike patterns and help you avoid heel-strike.

HUAWEI Band 3e foot strike pattern


Intelligent Motion Sensor

The HUAWEI Band 3e will provide treadmill running data at a 97%* accuracy using a built-in 6-Axis* Gyroscope based sensor in Footwear Mode.

* The data is provided by Huawei laboratories.
* Supports measuring acceleration and 6 rotational degrees of free motion.

Formidable 50m Water Resistance

With 50m water-resistance, the HUAWEI Band 3e is designed for completing easy everyday tasks and swimming. The performance data that is captured can help you take a post-run dip in the water like a champion. HUAWEI Band 3e gives you newfound freedom.

One Charge, Life Goes Further

In standby mode, long-lasting battery life allows continuous duty operation for 14 days*. One charge supports up to 40 full hours under running mode, sustaining a continuous stream of alerts, alarms, calls and movement reminders.

HUAWEI Band 3e mobilephone assistant

* Battery performance data is provided by Huawei labs after rigorous testing in a controlled environment. Actual performance may vary based on use case, environment, and user settings.

Everything you Need on Your Wrist

Manage your life anytime and anywhere with a powerful suite of features: smart motion tracking, sleep monitoring and telephone-connected alerts. Locate your phone and get it to ring by using the Bluetooth HUAWEI Band 3e. Combine life and sports into a seamless motion with convenient access to intelligent data and feedback.


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