​Thank you   from Leaders Center for such Prosper 2019 Year

​Thank you from Leaders Center for such Prosper 2019 Year

2019 has been a prosper and spectacular year, it has been a year full of challenges & changes, which was overcome by dedication and hard work, turning every challenge into a great success with the corporation of Leaders Center team and our valued customers.

Since the beginning of Leaders Center journey, our company has already become a strategic center for a wide variety of electronic products, including home & kitchen appliances, mobiles, entertainment devices , beauty & care items, it is like an electronic integrated minimized world, all your branded needs under one single roof; Apple, Samsung, LG, Beko, Benkon, BOSCH, Braun …

Thank you, our dear customers for making our 2019 year a successful stage in Leaders Center journey, you made it possible through your support and trust in our products and services.

During 2019 our journey passed by several significant improvements to serve and satisfy our customers’ requirements; There was a new branch joined to Leaders Center chain in Jordan located in Marka, another modern branded mobile phone “XIAOMI” is now available at our electronic store, in addition to various bank agreements to obtain a customized installments & facilitate payment method for our dear customers, last but not least, Leaders Center launched a shopping online portal, add a sense of joyfulness and coziness to shopping experience for all customer, regardless time and place with delivery service in less than 48 hours on COD basis.

Working with you all was and still a pleasure. We are lucky to have such customers accompany us in Leaders Center journey. Looking forward for another year full of hard work and fulfillments.

10th Feb 2020

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