Every Single Piece that Your Home Needs … in One Center " leaders.jo"

Every Single Piece that Your Home Needs … in One Center " leaders.jo"

It is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen & cookware, especially that Ramadan our lovely month is coming within one week, so why don’t you prepare yourself to add some colorful magical touch to your family dining table & create your arts of food?!

Leaders.jo has added a new high quality branded cook & kitchen ware to its range which includes PyrexLuminarcFalezLily's Home brands, chosen them carefully to satisfy our customer's tastes & standards.

With one click on any of the below brands, your shopping tour will begin, so what is your choice?

Are you going to chose the English style and say "Enjoy your Meal" to your family with Lily's Home Collection?

…Or you would prefer to say "Guter Appetit" in the Germany style of Pyrex finest cookware items?

…Or maybe "Bon Appétit" with Luminarc French stylish kitchen ware?

…Or is it "Afiyet Olsun" along Falez magnificent Turkish cookware sets & collection?

Lily’s Home table ware features a unique hand drawn style with a special colorful rustic charm for every single piece of it’s range which has several sizes, designs & usage.  In addition all of these products are easy to store & clean, since they are dishwasher safe.

Have all Pyrex cook & bake ware at you kitchen. Pyrex has its own specialty when it comes to durability & cooking at high temperatures , due to the carbon steel coating for even cooking heat, in addition to the non-stick coating feature.   Pyrex items are available in different sizes & materials, all of them are dishwasher safe.

Luminarc kitchenware will guarantee an easy life for you with it’s wide range of airtight clips anti-bacterial Tupperware made of tempered glass which features freezer usage & microwave, dishwasher safe.  Also, you can choose a variety of oval dishes that are scratch resistance & suitable for oven baking

Obtain special sets & colorful cookware pieces which includes, pans, fryers, casseroles, cookers with glass lid

24th Apr 2020

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